if he really gave a damn
if he could wean himself from the teat 
of the Military Industrial Complex 
if he could climb off Granddaddy Zbigniew's lap 
if he would ditch the Bilderbergs and build burgers for the starving 
if he could read some good ol' Chaos theory 
instead of pledge the New World Order 
if he would get himself a posse 
instead of get rid of posse comitatus
if he would rock the casbah
and have tea with the muezzin
if he would love Mecca as much as Gaza
if he would hug the Ayatollah
and take out out Ahmadinejad for karaoke
one night on the Council of Foreign Relations tab....
we could all whirl like dervishes
intoxicated by the woozy love of the love
and God and Allah, the baby Jesus
and Mohammed too
hell... let's invite the buddhists and the mormons
the Cubans and Hugo Chavez
and we'll get dizzy drunk
on each other's lack of inhibition
sweet freedom of forgetting one's face
as the mosque doors swing...

This poet is the new emissary of Arab-American relations,
the bastard child of Kahlil Gibran and Charles Bukowski...

                                             —rڹፑڹՀ, the ᎶᎤⷋᎶڹፑ༑  sڹፑ༑  ^

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RUFUZ, the GONGUFI SUFI: Every now and then an artist comes along that leaves an indelible print upon my consciousness.  Sometimes its sheer beauty...

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